Glyclean™ D, the more effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution to clean and disinfect

Effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly—the disinfectant triple play.

Today, killing viruses, bacteria, and germs is a global imperative. Traditional disinfectants rely on harsh, corrosive chemicals or quats and are often unsafe and unstable. But Glyclean™ D harnesses the power of glycolic acid—nature's own preservative and protector—to clean more effectively, while remaining more environmentally friendly.

Used in more applications

Not only is Glyclean™ D powerful, but it also offers formulations that can be used in a range of applications—from bath, tub, tile, and toilet to kitchen surfaces.

EU—For Licensing

  • Glyclean™ Hard Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant
  • Representative Product in BPR

Rest of World—Glyclean™ D-based formulations

  • Glyclean™ Pine Cleaner
  • Glyclean™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Glyclean™ Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

More People- And Environmentally Friendly

Glyclean™ D is the disinfectant of choice for long-term sustainability for a myriad of reasons. Unlike bleaches and quats, it has an excellent environmental profile, provides great end-user benefits, and is readily biodegradable. It's also safer than competing technologies and provides long-term shelf stability for various formulations. It's no wonder that upon BPR completion, Glyclean™ D will be on of the more limited active ingredients allowed in Europe.

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