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The plethora of pastries, cakes and breads each have their own set of ingredients, trays, moulds and methods of baking. These wide variations mean different types and specifications of durable nonstick coating systems are required. Our broad range of remarkable Teflon™ coatings are designed to rise to the challenge – our wealth of experience and innovative technological solutions allow us to provide each and every customer with high-performing products to suit their needs.
Download our whitepaper now to learn how to make the baking cycle quicker and easier time after time, reducing maintenance costs while creating tasty, healthy baked goods. Our range of Teflon™ products offer unbeatable performance – no one has more experience or a better track record of success than Chemours when it comes to coatings for industrial baking.
Our approach to working with bakeries and bakeware manufacturers goes unrivalled. Find out how we deliver continuous value in our whitepaper.

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