Learn more about the performance, sustainability, safe installation and use of A2L refrigerants.

Commitment to Innovation 

Chemours supports the adoption of lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants in the North America market. Opteon™ XP refrigerant blends enable a significant step-down in GWP compared to the HFCs they replace, and they can be used in both retrofits and new equipment. Opteon™ XL refrigerants, with a safety classification of A2L, provide customers with the opportunity to drive to ultra-low GWP solutions in new equipment.

The Opteon™ Refrigerants portfolio delivers on the performance, efficiency, safety, and environmental requirements that the commercial refrigeration and air conditioning markets demand, both now and in the future.

Commitment to Safety

Chemours pledges that it will not commercialize any refrigerant without assuring that the product can be safely produced, stored, transported, charged into equipment, and maintained across all relevant end-use applications. In addition, Chemours will work diligently with our partners—manufacturers, distributors, engineers, contractors, technicians, and local authorities alike—to ensure industry readiness and safety.  

Chemours is dedicated to making our world a better and safer place. We believe our portfolio of Opteon™ solutions, which includes A2L refrigerants, provides our customers and the industry with the high performance they demand, while aggressively reducing impact on the environment.