Opteon™ XL Refrigerants
EN 378 Charge Size Calculator

Calculate the correct and safe charge size for your refrigeration system, easily

Ensure your refrigeration system is compliant and safe

Use the Opteon™ XL Refrigerants EN 378 Charge Size Calculator and correctly estimate the safe charge for your refrigeration system in a matter of minutes.
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Capabilities of the tool

  • Calculate accurate, safe and EU regulation-compliant estimates of the charge size for a variety of refrigeration systems and configuration of use.
  • Provide information to help selecting the appropriate refrigerant, based on operating conditions and system layouts for new designs.

The European Standard EN 378 set new criteria related to safety and environmental requirements in the design, installation and maintenance of refrigerating systems. A2L refrigerants charge sizing requires a clear understanding of this document… It is essential businesses and installation partners can be supported in the interpretation of the latest regulations to ensure their refrigeration system is compliant, high performing and safe.

As a trusted partner, Chemours™ is here to guide you through the transition to A2L refrigerants with the Opteon™ XL Refrigerants EN 378 Charge Size Calculator.

To receive guidance and support in choosing the right solution for you, contact us via this form or contact your local representative Mark Hughes.

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How Opteon™ XL EN 378 calculator can help you

Get an easy interpretation of the regulation
Receive guidance on how to calculate refrigerant charge correctly
Ensure your business meets industry safety standards


The Opteon™ portfolio contains solutions that meet the most stringent air conditioning, refrigeration, thermal management, foam blowing, and cleaning requirements while reducing their overall environmental impact. Opteon™ refrigerants, which are based on hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) chemistry, offer the optimal balance of environmental sustainability, performance, safety, and cost to help meet both regulations and business goals.


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