Driving the Future of Thermodynamic Performance in Electromobility

Electric Evolution

Can next-generation refrigerant solutions for electric vehicle heat pumps boost battery power capabilities?

The answer is a resounding yes. OpteonTM automotive refrigerant solutions from Chemours are already helping BEV manufacturers achieve longer distances and greater temperature control for in-cabin driving comfort in all conditions. Our latest infographic will show you how.

For more information on the ways in which our automotive refrigerants deliver superior thermal performance to enable safe, ultra-fast charging and cooling of high-density power electronics in BEVs, fill out the form to download our infographic: Driving the Future of Thermodynamic Performance in Electromobility.


Working with industry partners
Chemours has developed a suite of versatile solutions for meeting sustainability targets and satisfying consumer demand. In collaboration with automotive industry partners, we are committed to bringing forward further innovations to make BEV batteries cheaper, safer, greener, faster to charge, and easier to design.

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