A long-lasting solution that addresses a long list of challenges

Hear that? Neither do we. That’s because the precision formulas in Krytox™ lubricants address the most common noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) and buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR) issues in modern vehicles.

Prevent weather strips from bunching, cracking, and shrinking to help reduce wind noise, drafts, and water leakage.

Keep rubber gaskets and seals in convertible tops, sunroofs, trunk lids, and doors in good condition and at top performance.

Minimize squeaks and rattles from stick-slip between moving parts, and sustain this noise reduction through rain and dust.

Get rid of irritating noises that result from leather-on-leather friction, without staining the leather or making it sticky over time.

Effectively silence sounds caused by the interaction of various materials, elastomers, and plastics, without oxidizing or discoloration.

Maintain long-lasting performance through continued use, contamination, and temperature changes.

Superior qualities help protect from unwanted noise


Compatibility with metal, plastic, elastomer, leather, and more allows components to last as designed.

Low volatility

Low volatility to resist drying out and nonmigration to ensure lubricant stays where it’s applied.


Resistance to washout from water, road salt, steam, and detergents that erode other lubricants over time.

Lower coefficient of friction

Lower coefficient of friction, in comparison to other options, to reduce wear and prevent noise and vibration during vehicle operation.

Visor and vanities

Provides smooth and consistent long-term operation without breaking down

Facia and trim panels

Separates surfaces to mitigate noise

Airbag and steering wheel components

Provides smooth and consistent operation, noise mitigation and effective, safe performance

Instrument panel

(cup holders, vents, glove box, fuse cover)Provides smooth and consistent operation and noise mitigation

Window lace

Maintains softness and pliability for long-lasting life


Provides smooth operation and noise mitigation

Engine compartment

Provides longer life and durability over wide temperature ranges in bearings for accessories and components


Provides smooth operation and noise mitigation

Actuators and mechanisms

Provides smooth, consistent operation over the life of the component

Reduces noise and vibration

Shock absorbers and suspension bushings

Weather guides and weather strips

Maintains softness and pliability for long-lasting life

Leather seats

Prevents leather creaking

Leather trim

Prevents leather creaking and mitigates noise between dissimilar materials

Seat foam and metal interface

Prevents noise between dissimilar materials

Rear parcel shelf pins

Provides smooth operation and noise mitigation

Sunroof seals

Maintains softness and pliability for smooth operation and noise mitigation

Console parts

Provides smooth operation and noise mitigation

Seat belt guides

Provides smooth and consistent operation, noise mitigation and effective and safe performance

Creating a sanctuary on wheels

Krytox™ lubricants can be applied in vehicle interiors and exteriors to cut down or eliminate NVH and BSR. Typical application areas include:

  1. Visor and vanities
  2. Facia and trim panels
  3. Airbag door and facia interface
  4. Instrument panel
  5. Window lace
  6. Hinges
  7. Engine compartment
  8. Latch
  9. Actuators and mechanisms
  10. Shock absorbers and suspension bushings
  11. Weather guides and weather strips
  12. Leather seats
  13. Leather trim
  14. Seat foam and metal interface
  15. Rear parcel shelf pins
  16. Sunroof seals
  17. Console parts
  18. Seat belt guides

Driving higher performance when it comes to NVH, BSR, and beyond

Whatever the road ahead brings, Krytox™ PFPE lubricants are engineered to work hard, last long, and always deliver results—even under the harshest conditions.

Wide temperature range performance.Extreme heat or cold has no effect on the lubricity.

Chemical stability.Withstand fuel, coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, washer solvent, and even battery acid.

Low volatility.These lubricants are less likely to dry out and more likely to stay put, which helps them last longer.

Compatibility.Won’t harm painted surfaces, plastics, or elastomers. These lubricants are compatible with almost every material.

Exceed expectations with a simple application

Krytox™ high-performance lubricants work every time. Do you have that kind of confidence in your automotive oils and greases? Learn more about how our innovative, long-lasting lubricants can help eliminate noise issues even under the harshest conditions and broadest range of temperatures.

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