Low GWP Opteon™ XP40 Refrigerant Lowers Operating Costs & Reduces Total Carbon Footprint​

Learn How Mars Lakeview Ice Arena's Transition from R-22 was Easier than Expected
Upgrade to Opteon™ XP40 boosts operating efficiency with little downtime
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St. Cloud Refrigeration knew the community ice rink at Mars Lakeview Arena would soon need a refrigerant replacement, so they retrofit the legacy R-22 chiller system to a streamlined DX design running on Chemours’ low GWP refrigerant Opteon™ XP40 (R-449A).
Converting the system to Opteon™ XP40 had several environmental and cost savings benefits:
    • Converted system uses about half as much refrigerant as before​
    • Unlike R-22, the XP40 is both non-ozone depleting and has a low global warming potential​
    • Upgraded system used less energy in the months after conversion, leading to cost savings and reducing the total carbon footprint of the arena​
Download the Mars Lakeview Arena case study to learn how Opteon™ XP40 is cooling this Minnesota ice rink for success.