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Introducing Ti-Pure™
TS-4657 for inks.

A Brighter Alternative

Create a more colorful world with Ti-Pure™ TS-4657: a low abrasion chloride grade for superior brightness, whiteness, and opacity inks applications.

Offering low abrasion that is typically only found in sulfate grades, Ti-Pure™ TS-4657 can help you stand out from the crowd with a level of whiteness and brightness that allows printing in a broader range of colors, while reducing wear on printing equipment.

Keep your business running with a reliable supply.

High-quality Ti-Pure™ TiO2 is available globally at a competitive price via:
  • Ti-Pure™ Flex, our online e-commerce portal
  • A contract with Chemours
  • Our network of trusted distributors

You have the vision, we'll help you build it.

Ti-Pure™ TS-4657 is best used in:
  • Flexographic, digital, and gravure printing
  • Labels and packaging
  • Water and solvent based inks

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China Coat 2020

Join us in Shanghai!

November 18–20 | Zone 8-Raw Material, Hall W3

China Coat 2020

Introducing Ti-Pure™ TS-4657 for Inks

featuring Robert Li, Ti-Pure™ Technical Marketing Consultant, Chemours

Time: 11:30 – 12:20 p.m. | Location: Hall W2, Meeting Room M3